Live stream of funeral service

Our funeral live stream service is designed to enable people unable to attend the service to view it online using their mobile phones, computers or desktop in full TV quality.

Our funeral live stream service begins with some music and rotating images of your loved one. Once the service begins we go to our live camera crew at the church/crematorium. Depending on your requirements we can then play an edited video of your loved one at the end of the service or in between the church and the cemetery/crematorium.

please click on following links for examples of where we you can utilize the edited videos of your loved one. Look for the white dots along the timeline to skip to different parts of the service.

Funeral service of John Walsh

Funeral service of Kieran O’Connor

Funeral service of Cían Griffin

We are TV professionals, so we can adapt to any special requirements you may have. Please feel free to contact us to discuss.

We will communicate directly with you and guide you through the process, to create a beautiful and memorable experience that you will cherish for a lifetime. Our crew are adaptable and will work to achieve the very best possible results during this difficult time. We make the recording of the live stream available for viewing in our “viewing room” at shortly after the service and will keep it there until you receive the download link for permanent record.

Memorial Videos

We compile photos, videos, newspaper clippings and any other material you may have of a loved one and create a beautiful and moving video capturing someone’s life. These videos are a great way for family to get together to remember someone passed at anniversaries, or months mind.

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