Our service is not just a funeral live stream service. It’s a beautifully produced memoir capturing priceless moments of you and your loved one. As a result, you will have a video to be cherished and shared for many generations. 


The Memorial Lane team have a combined 50 years experience working in broadcast TV.  Accordingly, we do not cut corners by using cheap or free social media channels like youtube or facebook . We firmly believe that such intimate moments should never be published on these platform.  Many cheaper providers try to imitate what we do  at Memorial Lane but all fail to get close to matching our service, quality and reliability. 


Memorial Lane is the only company that can stay live from removals, to church to cemetery, no matter what the distance is. As a result, viewers can be present “virtually” at every step.  Our service is guaranteed to work, no matter how challenging the location is.

Please contact us directly to discuss your requirements. Alternatively,  please ensure you state clearly to your undertaker  it’s Memorial Lane funeral service you want. Funeral directors are very good at what they do, but are not specialized in video production. Therefore, may unwittingly provide you with a sub standard service provider.

Web cameras provide a basic view from inside a church. Usually, are very poor video and audio quality, and positioned far away from family and friends. In our view,  it’s similar to looking in a window at the back of a church and lack the emotion our fully manned cameras provide . Conversely, our approach and focus is very much from the immediate family’s point of view. In that respect,  our cameras are the eyes and ears of distant family members .  We position ourselves at the front pew enabling family members watching online to be amongst their loved ones.  

Web cameras  do one thing, provide a static video position. Alternatively, our live stream is a fully produce service including edited videos, and multiple locations and will provide you with a truly memorable recording long into the future.

We make the recording available in our viewing room usually within the hour

We will keep it available in our viewing room until you receive a download link from us

No. We are equipped with the latest uplink technology. Therefore,  enabling us to go live without the need for local wifi.

The immediate family controls who has access to the live stream. If requested, we provide the family with a secure password that they can distribute to whoever they want to allow view the service. Anyone without the password will be restricted from viewing the service. If no request is made for password restriction, the live stream will be viewable to all the public.

Yes. Our crew are completely wireless enabling us to go live from anywhere.

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